Frequently asked questions are presented here for your convenience. These are the most common questions we're asked about our products and services.

QWhere are the instructions for my Bitforce SC ASIC product?


The instructions are located here for download:

QWhat methods of payment do you accept?


We accept Bitcoins and Bank Transfers.

Bitcoins are accepted by a third party vendor that handles the exchange. All of our machines are sold for US Dollars.

Bank Transfers can take 3 to 4 business days to appear in our system. We ask that you send a copy of the receipt for the transfer to [email protected] and include your order number. This will help us match your payment with your order. Once we confirm the payment, we will send you a confirmation email. There is a $350 minimum on bank transfers.

All available options will appear at checkout.

QWhere am I in line and when will my order ship?


There are three ways to check the status of your order.  Please note that it's especially helpful if you use these methods instead of sending an email. 

1. You can log in to our website and look at your order at . You can see all of your orders and the status of those orders. An order that says "Processing" means that it has been paid and is in queue to be produced. The next step is "Production", followed by "Fulfilled" and “Shipped”. Production indicates it is being assembled and should ship soon. Fulfilled means it has been assembled and is ready to ship. Shipped means it has been shipped.

2. Our General Manager, Jody, has a blog ( On that blog, Jody will post the pay date of the orders that will ship that day. You can check it often to see when your order might be getting close to shipping.

3. A confirmation email, which includes a tracking number, will be sent when your order ships.

QWhat does status ____ mean for my order?


There are several status indicators we use for orders.

Pending / Payment Review - these denote that the specific payment method selected has not yet been applied to an order. If payment confirmation is not received within two weeks of funds being sent, please contact us and we will do what we can to rectify this.

Processing - this status indicates that the order has been paid in full and is set to be produced.

Production - this means that the order is currently being manufactured and labelled for shipping.

Fulfilled - at this point an order has been produced and is set to ship.

Shipped - the order has been shipped and has tracking information. An email should be sent from us that will inform you that the order has shipped and include tracking information. Please note that some shipping services recycle their tracking numbers, so the details immediately available may not apply to your order and will be updated usually within the next 24-48 hrs.

QI tried calling Butterfly Labs, but no one answered. How can I talk to someone?


We try to answer phone calls as they come in, but sometimes we are on the phone with other customers at the time you call. We respond to voicemails as quickly as possible but it's often faster to email customer service at [email protected] where a response staff is in place during business hours. Our normal business hours are Monday - Friday, 9 am to 5 pm US Central Time. We are also available on  Facebook and Twitter.

QCan Butterfly Labs ship items as a 'gift' or for a lower price than was paid?


No. We can lose our ability to ship to a country if we falsify customs declarations. We declare all items as 'computer peripherals' for the actual price paid on the customs form.

QCan I come to your office and pick up my order?


Since we are not a storefront and due to logistics issues, we cannot allow customers to walk in to pick up their order.

QWhat shipping companies do Butterfly Labs use?


Butterfly Labs, Inc. regularly ships orders using FedEx and UPS. Occasionally we use USPS.

QCan I get a refund on my order?


If you placed a pre-order, you agreed to these terms:

Pre-Order Terms: This is a pre-order. 28nm ASIC bitcoin mining products are shipped according to placement in the order queue, and delivery may take 3 months or more after order. All sales are final.

Shipping Schedule:  This is a Pre-Order product which is not yet shipping.  If you're uncomfortable waiting until the development is complete and the product is shipped, do NOT pre-order this product. Perhaps undesirable, but this is a pre-order market.  Customers flatly demand to get in line for the new technology before it's finished development.  All manufacturers in this space have experienced some degree of delay with their first generation ASIC, so we're reluctant to give a specific delivery date.

However, due to revisions to our refund policy pre-orders are eligible for a refund.

Before shipping a customer’s order we will communicate any additional upgrades or other goodwill adjustments that may then be available. At that time customers can still cancel their order and request a refund in lieu of taking delivery of their Monarch order.

Refund requests from eligible customers will be processed in the order received - see our Status of Current Operations updates for more details on timing and refund process.

QCan I use your Bitcoin miners to mine other cryptocurrencies, like Litecoin?


Our ASIC hardware is designed specifically for mining Bitcoins which uses SHA256d as a proof-of-work algorithm to process network transactions. If a cryptocurrency, like Litecoin, which is based on Scrypt, uses a different proof-of-work than that used in Bitcoin, then our hardware will not be compatible.


QHow will BFL Cloud Mining order work? What do I need to do?


When your BFL Cloud Mining is ready

We will inform you when your contract is ready to be activated. At that time you will need to provide your mining pool information. Your one-year mining contract will become active when your hashing power comes online.

Follow your mining activity
Your registered mining pool will provide your mining activity information as well as handle all payouts.

Examples of registering with a pool
You can select any one of the many mining pools found online. Pools typically do not require payment for registration. We recommend, among others, EclipseMC and Eligius.

For EclipseMC, the only information we will need is the worker name assigned to you during registration.  The typical format is "username_worker", where "username" is the registered username of your account at EclipseMC.

Eligius does not require registration. When required, you will need to provide your BTC wallet address, for example, created using Bitcoin-QT, Armory, etc. (For security reasons, we do not recommend the use of a cloud-based BTC wallet.) When your contract goes live, you can track your mining activity at[Your BTC wallet address] . Eligius will make payouts directly to your mining address at a specific interval.

Both EclipseMC and Eligius will make payouts directly to your mining address at specific intervals.

QWhat is the power consumption of the Bitforce SC (ASIC based) units?


Our 65nm chips consume between 4 and 5 watts per gigahash.

So a 5 gigahash machine will consume approximately 25 to 30 watts.

Our 25 gigahash machine will consume approximately 125 to 130 watts.

Our 50 gigahash machine will consume approximately 250 to 300 watts.

Our 500 gigahash machine will consume approximately 2500 to 2700 watts.


QDo your products fall under US encryption export control classification?


Yes, the BitForce SHA256 processor is properly classified under the US Bureau of Industry and Security export control. Our export control restriction prohibits the export of our products to AT designated countries as specified by the US Department of Commerce. If you need clarification on your ability to purchase our products, please contact us for review.

QHelp! My ____ is broken or not operating as expected. What can I do?


To submit an RMA, go to your account dashboard and under RMA enter a new RMA request. Include as much relevant information as possible, and your RMA will be approved as soon as possible, given that it meets our warranty guidelines.

If your RMA is regarding a PSU, you will not be required to send the defective PSU back, but you will still need to submit an RMA request.

The RMA form is for warranty return requests only.


QIf I choose Express Shipping, does that mean my order gets processed ahead of others in line?


It only speeds up the time it takes to deliver the order once it leaves our production facility.


QWhat is "Hosting" and how do I set up my order to be "Hosted"?


When ordering equipment from Butterfly Labs, you have the option of having your equipment hosted with one of our affiliate data centers. While BFL does not host equipment directly, we do work with providers to place your equipment.
We work with a company called Coinware, which will host your equipment at their facilities. We offer one-year contracts through BFL.  The current cost structure for hosting is:

300 GH Monarch: $756.00 per year

600 GH Monarch: $1,512.00 per year

1 TH Monarch: $2,520.00 per year

You will be able to control and determine the payout schedule for your miners through the settings of the mining pool you decide to use.

If you wish to have direct control over your units, you may provide a laptop or netbook computer (or one can be sourced at cost). Additionally, if you have more units than the provided computer has USB ports, you will need to provide enough USB hubs to support your equipment. That netbook or laptop, if provided by you, will need to be configured for remote access of your choice. Linux is the preferred loaded OS, but you may use Windows or OSX. However, if you choose to control your units personally, you will be responsible for the network security, patching, updating and maintenance of the netbook or laptop. Remote hands will be provided to reboot the machine should it lock up, but configuration or maintenance assistance can not be provided, although it can be negotiated for an extra fee. Response times for remote hands requests are typically within an hour, but can be up to 12 hours depending on the time of day the request is made. [Coinware operates in the GMT -6 (CST) timezone].

Each data center used  is guarded by multiple security procedures, including biometric identification, key card access, elevator lock outs and human verification. Fire suppression and notification are present in all datacenters. Redundant power is provided by a generator and, for an additional fee, can be provided by battery as a UPS.

Hosted units will be maintained by a BFL representative should a failure occur and replacement/repair is usually conducted the same day. There is no cost for repair/replacement of failed units that are under warranty.

If you wish to have your unit hosted, please contact Butterfly Labs Customer Service. If you are placing a new order, you can choose hosting as part of the ordering process.  Please note that having your miner(s) hosted will not decrease its processing time or speed order fulfillment. Once your units are ready to be shipped they will be released to the local data center and installed. There are no taxes charged if you host locally, as the delivery will be to Missouri (from Kansas) and thus not subject to local sales tax. Once the hosting company takes possession of the machine(s), they will contact you directly.

Once your order(s) has been marked for hosting, please contact us or visit the hosting company's website at Click on the Pricing tab and select the machine type you are going to have hosted. You will then be able to input your BFL order number(s) and officially reserve your place with the hosting company.  If you would like to extend or shorten your hosting contract, you can do so with Coinware directly.

You will be able to pay for hosting with your order in numerous ways, including bank wire and Bitcoin.

No further action is necessary after these steps have been followed.

QIf I purchase a machine that someone else ordered and is selling it through another entity, can I have it shipped directly to me?


In an effort to protect the original purchaser, Butterfly Labs will only ship orders to the person who is listed in the shipping information for the order. In other words, when the order was placed, there was a name entered in the Ship To: field. That is the person to whom we will be shipping the machine.

However, an order can be transferred to your Butterfly Labs account by using our Order Transfer system located in the account dashboard. You will be able to update the shipping address to your own address once the seller has transferred the order to your account.

(Please note: We can only refund payments made directly to us. If you are not the original owner of an order, you must contact the seller with any refund requests.)

QWhat is the warranty period on your devices?


Our products carry a minimum 12-month warranty from the time you take delivery.

Additionally, the PCB (The board on which the ASIC chips are mounted) and the chips themselves carry a lifetime warranty which may extend your effective warranty on these components beyond 12 months. Lifetime is defined as the length of time we are manufacturing that product. If a product purchased from us is near the end of its manufacturing life, it is still under warranty for the minimum of 12 months.

QAre your algorithms, PCB's or other products available for purchase separately?


Yes, our intellectual property is available for licensing to other chip manufacturers. In most cases we can also make our individual components available to you depending on your needs.

QWhat does GH/s stand for?


GH/s stands for gigahash per second, that is, one gigahash per second is one thousand megahashes per second.



QOfficial BFL policy on eBay and other Internet auctions for pre-orders.


eBay and other online auctions for BFL products and pre-orders are not supported by BFL in any way. We will not answer any questions as to whether an auction is legitimate. You should be aware that some auctions on eBay and elsewhere have been reported as fraudulent.  Please use extreme caution when bidding on BFL product auctions, as BFL is not responsible for the actions of others on third party sites.